We are building a State-of-the-Art facility hub for global prodigies. The venue will host dignitaries, corporate clients and entrepreneurs ranging from miners to exporters and importers; wholesalers to manufacturers; retail stores to private clients; country leaders and strategists all seeking the most ideal relationship while taking full advantage of the affluent regional market to strategize and plan for the benefit of their country's best interest .


The BWCEx building provides the ultimate in prestige for progressive tender activity where all can build beneficial business relationships of like-minded visionaries and creative entrepreneurs. The Exchange
Center will be exclusively available for BWCEx members in the commodities trade sectors, the first of its kind for the industry where clients globally can enjoy the unique benefits of its membership.


Both seller and buyer can finally process their products and services in a neutral zone environment while eliminating the bogus activity that has been the business’ primary obstacle. Sequentially while enjoying the success of every business transaction, also enjoy the benefits of Bermuda’s hotels, pink sands and coral reefs.